Windsor Place

196-206 High St, Windsor

Project Description

Address 196-206 High St Windsor
Architect & Interiors K2LD Architects & Interiors
Project Status Construction Commencing Soon.

From the traditional to the contemporary, from days past to present, from our homes to the office, Windsor Place marks our transition from yesterday to today. An exclusive, ultra-premium commercial offering, Windsor Place sets a new benchmark for the modern workplace while beckoning a new chapter within a unique suburb loved by many and rivalled by few.

Windsor Place responds perfectly to the needs of the new working world with a deep understanding of what the modern office can and should be governing the design process from beginning to end. Located a stone’s throw from Chapel Street and perfectly positioned on Windsor’s most connected thoroughfare, High Street, it’s a place with everything you could need and want within a vibrant community you’ll love to call your own.

It’s a workplace created with today’s employee in mind—within the context of what’s changed and the reality of what remains.

Windsor Place — How we return